Examples of Sustainable Agriculture Major Projects

  • Salvation Farms: A Community Gleaning Project
  • Mongolian Horsemanship: First-hand Research and Discourse Analysis
  • Agricultural Cooperatives in Kenya and Afghanistan
  • Common Ground Farm: An Integrated Design Connecting Culture with Agriculture

Examples of organizations Sterling graduates have worked for:

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Vermont Land Trust
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Howard Gardner School
  • Teton Science School

Put your hands and mind to work as a Sustainable Agriculture major at Sterling College.

Come and see what sustainability can look like.

  • “Sterling taught me about a life that I had no idea existed. It also gave me the chance to understand myself and feel proud of who I am as a learner.”


    Vincent Wisniewski

    2011, B.A., Natural History Self-Designed Major, is a science educator for Alaska Geographic and he lives at Denali National Park.

  • “I wouldn’t have gone to college if it weren’t for Sterling. I thought college was a sham. But here you can do your own thing and take as much initiative as you want. If you put your time in and give it a whirl, you can have an amazing experience. The people who do are top in their field where they work.”

    Dan Pittenger ’10

    B.A. Conservation Biology. Pittenger went on to earna master’s degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Science from Central Washington University. He works as a wetland ecologist in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • Sterling College reinforced my love of hard labor and taught me to see the world with an ecologist’s eye and a naturalist’s heart.”


    Ben Matthews ’09

    B.A. Ecology. Matthew is a fish biologist for Trout Unlimited, a cold-water fisheries conservation organization.

  • “My work program job as the farm chore supervisor and draft horse teacher’s assistant helped me realize that I love teaching others and sharing knowledge in a farm setting.”


    Julie Scott (Olsen)

    B.A. 2007 Sustainable Agriculture major, is the farm manager at the FARM Institute in Edgartown, Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard.

The list below includes required and elective courses for this major. Specific requirements can be found on the major checklist. Students are responsible for knowing the requirements for their major.

TitleCourse IDCreditsStart TermFaculty
Animal Science INS2223Long BlockLouise Calderwood
Soil Science and LabNS2454Long BlockCharlotte Rosendahl
Whole Farm PlanningSS4163Long BlockLouise Calderwood, Charlotte Rosendahl, Gwyneth Harris
Introduction to Restoration AgricultureAS2713Long BlockBrandon Bless
Integrated Farming Practicum I & IIINT24512I: May 16 – June 24 II: July 25 – August 19Gwyneth Harris, Rick Thomas, Louise Calderwood, Jennifer Colby
Regenerative AgricultureINT473, CE4733July 5 – 14, 2016Darren J. Doherty
Agricultural Adaptations Climate Change in Chiapas, MexicoINT3724IntensiveCharlotte Rosendahl
AgroecologyINT4153Long BlockCharlotte Rosendahl
Draft Horse Management II: Work ApplicationsAS1793Long BlockRick Thomas
Plant Science and LabNS3464Long BlockCharlotte Rosendahl, Laura Spence
Special Topics in NS: Fungal EcologyNS3814Long BlockLaura Spence
Special Topics in Natural Science: AgroforestryNS3724Long BlockBrandon Bless
US Agricultural PolicySS3373Long Block- CanceledLouise Calderwood

Naturally, you want to learn more about the Sterling College bachelor’s degree program in Sustainable Agriculture.

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