Sustainable Food Systems

sustainablefoodsystemsThe minor in Sustainable Food Systems introduces students to local, regional, and global food systems in an intensive academic program that includes study of the cultural and ecological context of food, hands-on culinary experience, field visits, and introduction to sustainable agriculture. Students who pursue a Food Systems minor are deeply immersed in the rural experience, farming, cooking, and engaging with food producers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.


  • SS382 ST Landscape, Food, and Culture
  • INT248 Sustainable Food Systems (2 cr)
  • NS206 Human Nutrition (3 cr)
  • AS212 Introduction to Value-Added Products (3 cr)
  • SS380 ST Food Policy (3 cr) OR US SS337 Agricultural Policy (3 cr)
  • SS140 Exploring Alternative Agriculture (2cr) (the Summer Ag Program may be substituted or student may submit to the Sustainable Ag and Food Faculty team for approval of a different agriculture class)