Education Studies

majorsThe Education Studies minor is designed to allow students from a variety of majors (including self-designed) to enhance their professional portfolio with an immersion of courses that explore education from theoretical, practical, and cultural perspectives. Further enhancing the minor are courses focused on the dynamics of groups with an opportunity to select courses tailored to the students interest and professional goals. Sterling students undertaking the Education Studies minor will develop a skill set applicable in a variety of settings and to a diversity of ages.


  • SS 233 – Small Group Dynamics
  • SS240 – Education & Learning Theory
  • SS325 – Education & Culture
  • SS 330 – Experiential Curriculum Design
  • AS/HM/NS/SS 410: College Teaching Experience,  or related work program position, or other relevant teaching experience related to your major

A choice of the following to total 15 credits for the minor:

  • SS207 – Challenge Course
  • NS/SS255 – Environmental Education
  • SS320 – Group Process for Outdoor Leaders
  • INT272 – Integrated Topic: Nature Mentoring

Other relevant courses can be substituted per the approval of the Interim Academic Dean.