Global Field Studies: Israel

Israel 2013Cross-Cultural Study of Israel

Winter Intensive 2013

Instructor(s): Ned Houston, T.A.: Bru Mille

Description: This three-credit course consists of two weeks devoted to volunteer experience on a Kibbutz complemented by classroom time and field trips to local renewable-energy and desert technology sites, and one week devoted to travel and immersion in the nation’s landscape and culturally, historically and naturally significant sites.

Format: Three week field course during the spring intensive including a stay at Kibbutz Lotan, independent travel, homestays and wilderness hiking.

Course Objectives

  • To establish an understanding of the complex history and present political state of Israel and the Jewish people;
  • To learn about the different indigenous and migrant populations of the country and their relationship to the land;
  • To expose students to the ins and outs of desert living, renewable desert technologies and desert agriculture;
  • To introduce students to the idea of a planned community and allow them to experience and reflect upon the experience of living on a kibbutz;
  • To introduce students to various ways of low-impact travel and volunteer tourism and allow them to reflect on tourism activities.