Faculty Directory

Ned teachingSterling College’s professors work with students—and not just in the classroom. Along with teaching academic courses, faculty members cooperate in running the outdoor components of programs— accompanying students on Winter Expedition and other adventures in out-of-class learning. They schedule chores, help students cope with the pressures of going to college, serve with them on committees, eat with them in the dining hall, and participate in Community Meetings. They lead hikes, ski treks, and outdoor workshops with students on weekends, and work with them through the week in the woodlot, the barn, the laboratory, the computer room, and in the library.

Behind this many-sided approach lies an idea well founded in educational thought: that faculty members should do more than impart information. To teach, they must show—working together with students every day—what people can be when they challenge themselves and treat learning as a lifelong process.

Sterling’s faculty is a diverse group, with a broad range of teaching styles. They are unified by an affinity for small-town life, by a strong interest in relating human experience to natural resources, and by determination to work with students as whole people.


Faculty Directory

Laura Beebe, Faculty in Environmental Humanities

(802) 586-7711 ext. 131  lbeebe@sterlingcollege.edu

B.A., Environmental Studies and Adventure Education, Prescott College, 2004; M.A., Circumpolar Geography, Prescott College, 2012

Anthony Berkers, Faculty in Outdoor Education

Anthony Berkers, Faculty in Outdoor Education
(802) 586-7711 ext. 105  aberkers@sterlingcollege.edu
M.Sc., Kinesiology (Outdoor Education), University of New Hampshire, 2010; B.A., Psychology, McGill University, 2005; B. Kin. Outdoor Education, University of Calgary, 2000; D.E.C. Pure & Applied Sciences, John Abbott College, 1996

Farley A. Brown ’85, Faculty in Ecology

Louise Calderwood, Interim Director of the Rian Fried Center and Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture

Pavel Cenkl, Faculty in Environmental Humanities

Carol Dickson, Academic Dean and Faculty in Environmental Humanities

Favor Ellis, Dean of Community

Jody Frey, Faculty in Environmental Humanities

David S. Gilligan, Faculty in Natural History and Ecology

Gwyneth Harris, Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture and Garden Manager

Edward R. (Ned) Houston, Distinguished Professor

Anne J. Morse, Faculty in Outdoor Education

Adrian D. Owens, Faculty in Science and in Outdoor Education

Jennifer Payne, Dean of Work

Leland Peterson, Learning Support Coordinator and Faculty in Art

Charlotte Rosendahl, Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture

Laura Spence, Faculty in Ecology

Laura Spence, Faculty in Ecology
(802) 586-7711 ext. 116  lspence@sterlingcollege.edu
Ph.D., Plant Ecology, University of Cambridge

Rick Thomas, Draft Horse Manager and Faculty in Sustainable Agriculture

Allison B. Van Akkeren, Faculty in Outdoor Education

John Zaber ’85, Faculty in Outdoor Education

Adjunct Faculty

Stark Biddle, Adjunct Faculty in Environmental Humanities


B.A., Brown University, 1960; M.A. Political Science, Brown University, 1961; MBA, Wharton, 1963; Visiting Scholar, Center for International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 1978/79; M.A., Breadloaf School of English, Middlebury College, 2004

Eric Hanson, Adjunct Faculty in Ornithology

Ross Morgan, Adjunct Faculty in Forestry

Jeff Parsons, Adjunct Faculty in Ecology