Examples of Ecology Major Senior Projects

  • A survey of moose browsing in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and possible implications for forest regeneration and species composition
  • Ecological footprinting and economic assessment of building materials and heating fuels
  • Dune ecology and morphology of Plymouth Long Beach (Plymouth, Massachusetts)
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Central Mongolia
  • Changes in composition and structure of alpine flora on Mount Moosilauke

Examples of organizations Sterling graduates have worked for:

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Vermont Land Trust
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Howard Gardner School
  • Teton Science School
  • “I wouldn’t have gone to college if it weren’t for Sterling. I thought college was a sham. But here you can do your own thing and take as much initiative as you want. If you put your time in and give it a whirl, you can have an amazing experience. The people who do are top in their field where they work.”

    Dan Pittenger ’10

    B.A. Conservation Biology. Pittenger went on to earna master’s degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Science from Central Washington University. He works as a wetland ecologist in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • Sterling College reinforced my love of hard labor and taught me to see the world with an ecologist’s eye and a naturalist’s heart.”


    Ben Matthews ’09

    B.A. Ecology. Matthew is a fish biologist for Trout Unlimited, a cold-water fisheries conservation organization.

Put your hands and mind to work as an Ecology major at Sterling College

Spend more than 50% of your class time in the field!

The list below includes required and elective courses for this major. Specific requirements can be found on the major checklist. Students are responsible for knowing the requirements for their major.

Title Course ID Credits Start Term Faculty
Natural History of the North Woods NS235 4 Long Block David Gilligan
Geology NS260 4 Long Block David Gilligan
Field Ecology NS301 4 Long Block Laura Spence
Watershed Ecosystems Analysis NS200 3 Long Block Farley Brown
Field Ornithology NS312 3 Session H Eric Hanson
Field Botany of Flowering Plants NS314 3 Session H Emily Brodsky Bullis
Plant Science and Lab NS346 4 Long Block Charlotte Rosendahl, Laura Spence
Winter Ecology and Lab NS360 3 Intensive Jeff Parsons
Marine Natural History of the North Atlantic HM/NS/SS372 3 Intensive David Gilligan
Forestry NS240 3 Long Block Ross Morgan
Introduction to GIS SS308 3 Long Block Kevin Johnston
Environmental Policy and Law SS202 3 Long Block Farley Brown
Conservation Biology NS402 3 Long Block Laura Spence
Wildness and Wilderness: Philosophy and Practice HM271 4 Intensive- 2016 David Gilligan
Nature Writing HM326 3 Long Block Carol Dickson

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