Examples of projects Sterling Draft Horse Minors have worked on:

  • The Short End of the Stick: Calculating the effort of constant loads at three different evener orientations.
  • Feed and forage analysis for the working horse.
  • Horse as Therapy.
  • Cable and pulley system for extraction of out-of-reach logs for a horse-focused logging operation.
  • Rehabilitative hoof care: A case study in the management of sidebone and founder in a 10 year old mare.  
  • Analysis of three barefoot trimming systems: Application and adjustments for heavy horses.

Examples of organizations Sterling graduates have worked for:

  • Earthbound Forestry Services
  • Black Dirt Farm
  • Earthwise Farm & Forest
  • New Traditions Homestead
  • Boerson Farm

The list below includes required and elective courses for this major. Specific requirements can be found on the major checklist. Students are responsible for knowing the requirements for their major.

TitleCourse IDCreditsStart TermFaculty
Draft Horse Management I: Driving PrinciplesAS1743Long BlockRick Thomas
Draft Horse Management II: Work ApplicationsAS1793Long BlockRick Thomas
Draft Horse Management III: Farming with Draft HorsesAS2852IntensiveRick Thomas
Introduction to Draft Horse ManagementAS1682Full TermRick Thomas
Working Horses, Working LandscapesINT2703August 15 – 26, 2016Rick Thomas
Farrier ScienceAS3653Long BlockRick Thomas
Restorative ForestryAS2744IntensiveRick Thomas
Woodlot PracticesAS1052Long BlockRick Thomas
  • Working with draft horses is exhilarating, physically exhausting, and one heck of a challenge. Yet, despite the challenge, I find this type of work very rewarding, and a humbling endeavor.

    Spencer Mast

    Class of 2017

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