Forestry and Building

From Forest to Forge

Yestermorrow carpentry 2

June 9-20, 2014

Students in this intensive hands-on course will participate in the construction of a blacksmithing building on the Sterling College campus.  This course is appropriate for anyone interested in gaining or expanding their carpentry skills with the bonus of exposure to timber harvest and blacksmithing.

Beginning in the forest, we will fell trees, skid them using draft horses and tractors, and mill them to appropriate dimension for our construction project using a small scale portable sawmill.  On the building site, we’ll discuss the general terms, tools, principles, and techniques used in the field of carpentry, and learn how to safely work on a jobsite and use a wide range of hand and power tools.  We’ll go over foundations and the anatomy of a structure, and discuss framing and layout methods as we begin erecting the walls, cutting the rafters, and ultimately roofing, sheathing, and finishing the building.

We’ll also take time to learn the basics of blacksmithing, to understand the implications of the building’s purpose on its design. We’ll visit an active forge and watch a blacksmith in action, and take that knowledge back with us to our project as we finish it out to be a highly functional work space.

This program is being offered collaboratively by Sterling College and Yestermorrow Design/Build School.