Catalog 2013-2014

Introduction to Draft Horse Management

  • Semester: Summer
  • Course Number: AS168
  • Instructors: Rick Thomas
  • Credit: 2

Course Description 

This course introduces students to the use of draft horses on today’s agricultural landscape. Classroom experiences are coupled with driving laboratories and horse chores as students learn the foundation skills associated with using workhorses to do agricultural work on Sterling’s land. Classroom topics introduce students to a variety of theory associated with working heavy horses including: breed selection, whole-horse healthcare, feed and forage, and driving principles. Driving laboratory topics include: harnessing procedures, ground driving the single horse, line management, hitching to a variety of implements and vehicles and safe operating procedures in a variety of driving scenarios. Daily horse chore laboratories complete the experience; topics include: feed and forage management, rotational grazing, fencing, pasture maintenance, horse care, hoof management, and harness repair.