Catalog 2013-2014

Studio Art: Materials and Techniques in Painting

  • Semester: Spring
  • Course Number: HM255
  • Instructors: Leland Peterson
  • Credit: 2

Course Description

In this class, students will explore a variety of media including: colored pencil, watercolor and egg tempera painting in illustrating plant and animal forms and cultural objects. We will visit a variety of collections in Vermont and sketch and photograph subjects in order to create finished works in the studio. We will also make local fieldtrips to develop sketches from the local landscape. In addition to developing an individual portfolio of work, students will contribute toward a group project in making a mural of a local microlandscape.  By the end of the course, students should gain proficiency in drawing and painting, gain new understanding of how to use art materials and develop knowledge about the field of natural history illustration.