Catalog 2013-2014

Bread and Puppet: Art and Activism

  • Semester: Summer
  • Course Number: HM270
  • Instructors: Jody Stoddard, Laura Beebe,
  • Credit: 6


Bread and Puppet summer work is a joint effort on all fronts: puppet building, singing (shape note as well as disgruntled harmonies), band music with classical and homemade instruments, picture-story reciting, dancing and choreography, to create giant scale public spectacle which addresses current political urgencies and to perform this spectacle in the midst of a NEK landscape, thereby making the landscape part of the show.

Whether town parade, circus in our gravel pit-amphitheater, or puppet show in the papier-mâché cathedral, all shows result from a working- together ethic that includes all necessary chores of production, upkeep and repair and rehearsals, leading up to the public event. Bread and Puppet's learning-by-doing philosophy also implies that you participate in something large that you don't necessarily understand till its accomplished. Emphasis will shift each week from building and rehearsing to performing.