Catalog 2013-2014

Place-Based Writing: Place, Food, Culture, Nature

  • Semester: Summer
  • Course Number: HM270
  • Instructors: TBD
  • Credit: 4


Place-Based Writing is intended to serve students interested in humanities, food systems, rural culture, and environmental writing. As such, the two week intensive will, at its core, work with students to consider a spectrum of place-based writing that grounds student engagement of a range of genres in the context of the place from which and about which it is written.

The intensive format of the course will empower students to immerse themselves in the process of writing, in reading and responding to a range of genres, and to explore how writing across genres and disciplines can be seen as an interrelated (ecological and cultural) system of communication. By reading the local poetry of Leland Kinsey, for example, alongside the poems of Robert Frost, the interdisciplinary memoir writing of John Elder and the politically situated writing of Rowan Jacobson and Marion Nestle, for instance, provides entry to a level of discourse about the ways that people relate to place that is largely missing from author-focused or period-specific coursework.

Faculty currently include: Pavel Cenkl, Stark Biddle, Carol Dickson (tentative) with potential guest lectures and/or instructional days from John Elder, Marion Nestle, Rowan Jacobson, Leland Kinsey, and others.