Catalog 2013-2014

Essentials of Bicycles Touring

  • Semester: Summer
  • Course Number: AS270
  • Instructors: John Zaber
  • Credit: 4

Course Description

This two week course is designed as an introduction to bicycle touring. Week one will include an introduction to the mechanics of a bike, bike mechanics and repairs, obtaining a proper fit, route planning, gear and tool management, and fitness. Week two will consist of a 5 day, fully supported trip traveling through northern Vermont and New Hampshire. The trip will begin and conclude at Sterling College. During the trip stops will be planned to explore local, cultural, and natural history with a potential service project. Assigned readings will review the spiritual nature and mechanics of bike touring, personal narrative, and vagabond philosophy. Students are responsible for supplying a personal bicycle, panniers/trailer, sleeping bag, and bicycle clothing.