Catalog 2013-2014

Biology and Lab

  • Semester: Fall
  • Course Number: NS254
  • Instructors: Charlotte Rosendahl
  • Credit: 4

Course Description

This course provides a basic foundation in the area of the biological sciences. It focuses primarily on areas of biochemistry, the organization and function of cells, and the transmission of genetic information. The lab component emphasizes the use of the scientific method, experimental design, lab safety and the use of basic scientific equipment. As a prerequisite for upper level science classes, this course gives the students an overview of the cellular processes and stresses the connections between the topics mentioned in the course description. The students will develop an understanding of how experiments are designed and start to explorer how statistics plays a key role in this. Students will become familiar the basic vocabulary of biology and use this knowledge to start reading scientific literature and write their own. The course will relate the topics discussed to the everyday life of the student and thereby emphasize the importance of understanding the topics. Through this, the major objective of establishing a sound foundation of knowledge of basic cellular and molecular biology, that the student can build on throughout their degree, will be achieved.