Catalog 2013-2014

Foundations of Outdoor Education

  • Semester: Spring
  • Course Number: SS241
  • Instructors: Anne Morse
  • Credit: 3

Course Description

In this course students explore the historical and theoretical foundations of the field of Outdoor Education, as well the range of applications within the field. Students explore leadership and adventure programming theory and practice through experiential activities, including weekly student-led outdoor activity sessions. Additionally, students meet regularly with local elementary and middle school students to practice leadership skills, conduct activity sessions, and engage experientially in ethical issues in the field. The class engages actively in some of the key issues in the field, such as accreditation and certification, ethical concerns in group management, the use of wilderness, and risk management. Assignments include regular written reflections on the reading material, a formal essay, several in-class presentations and leadership experiences, and work with the elementary school after-school program.